They Deserved it and we just need to let them have it

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How is it like for a person to experience psychological inferiority only because one is born into a particular gender? How does it feel to live by ‘necessity of approval’ on a routine from others for one’s own way of life? This is the cycle of life for most women in the world. Well, if the world looks at women as weaker links of the society, then we get the picture wrong.
The history talks to us about strong women across the ‘Chronology of Timeline’ and its fervent to find one, at any given point of time and anywhere in the world. So, the problem is neither the ‘tell-tale about Women’s frailty’ nor lack of opportunities available to them. It’s a supportive system that was lacking all this time to help them who were capable to reach to the heights.
Hence, the effort of forging a world with gender-neutral environment is a co-existent effort by both men and women. As an example, if a woman is Focus-oriented and working to achieve a goal and she deserves it as much as a man, she should be given exactly equal opportunity as a man to stand a chance against it.

On the other hand, actions such as sympathy cards or assisted-grace gestured towards the same woman to merit towards her goal is not just a biased approach toward her competent male competitor but also weakening her self-confidence.
Its time to let them define the world in their terms, as long as they are ethical and benefactors to the functioning of the society! I believe men had a lot to offer the world and they did a fairly great job and that now its time to acknowledge what Women have been doing and what they will do for the society and realize their contribution and provide them recognition of identity for them that they actually deserve. Women like Katherine Johnson, ENIAC Women Programmers, Dr. Grace Hopper, Dr. Vera Rubin, Lady Lamarr, Mary Anderson and many more are some of those manner of woman who lost their credit of work to men because of a biased society that wouldn’t acknowledge their competence.
So, if you wanna change the world, you need to start with at least one person- maybe a woman who is a friend or a colleague, perhaps someone you are acquainted with. if you find a capable woman, stand by her, believe in her, support her and provide a moral environment so that she can deliver and prove herself of what she is capable. Don’t be jealous or threatened at her success, it just presents how weak you are in doing so. All you have to do is to change your world if you want to change THE WORLD.